Click on things to interact.
L-Click to look around.     R-Click and drag to move.

(Ludum Dare 46)!

Keep the dream alive ! Ozwomp will come, Ozwomp has to come! ITS A GAME CALLED OZWOMP IS ARRIVING!!!

But really, here is a game I made over the last 2 days in Three.js and using a very simple engine I made myself some weeks ago. Im a bit sick of Unity owning game design and I think its about time we took the power back!

This is arguably my first narrativeish game and definitely the first time doing all sound design, I guess its also the first time making a real project with web tech too. Alota firsts!

You can play in browser, none of that downloading nonsense, be sure its an ok computer because timing is not stable ;D

I hope you enjoy the arrival of ozwomp.


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This game is so weird, and I love it